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   Electrical Safety Audits    


          Over 80% of the Fires are caused due to Electrical Short circuits that are result of  wrong / faulty / improper electrical installations. The  initial electrical installation may be correct and as per the Rules & Regulations, however the installation, methods and practices of usage of electricity change over time.  Many a times the electrical faults like hot spots, loose contact / connections, corrosion of contacts, insulation breakage, etc.  develop over a certain period and they go un-noticed. If such faults are not checked by competent auditors and  if  no corrective action is taken  in time, they can  be a potential risk factor for Fire and can prove to be disastrous.

We minutely examines all the  electrical installations, methods of usage of electricity and other practices followed by the customer. We primarily check the electrical safety  compliance of any given premises with the mandatory compliance laid down in the  Indian Electricity Rules 1956.

We offer electrical safety training & awareness programmes too.

Never compromise on Safety matters .An attempt to save the cost of an audit may prove to be disastrous,  a very costly affair and  even extend  to the extent of claiming lives. Dont think twice !

  • Walk Through Audit

  • Detailed Audit



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