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Portable Rechargeable Flood Lights & Lighting Systems

Harness Mounted Light, 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs Hands Free Illumination
Harness Mounted Light with Hands Free Illumination

Min Order Qty. : 100 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Powerful 2400 Lumens of Illumination
  • Comfortable, Adjustable Sturdy Harness
  • Hands-free, Portable & Rechargeable
  • 4 Hrs & 8 Hrs Backup Version
  • Powerful rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • All Weather Use (IP65)
  • 2 Operating Modes, High & Low
  • Battery Overcharge, Deep Discharge protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Electric Charging
  • Made In India
  • 1 Year Warranty
Harness Mounted Light with Hands Free Illumination

Brief Description :

In many situations we require more illumination with hands-free to perform some tasks. Headlamp is only able to partially illuminate an area and it has a narrow beam that restricts the area of illumination. There is a limit on the power of LED in the headlamp as the head lamp becomes bigger and increases the head load with the helmet and hence not practical. The illumination is also restricted at head level. This problem is solved with our 24W Harness Mounted Light. It serves as a powerful 2400 lumens source providing very high illumination for performance of operation or maintenance task. It is also useful for disaster management relief and rescue operations. Its IP65 ingress protection facilitates use in all weather including heavy rains. The lamp has 2 operating modes, viz : high & low. It is available in 2 models (i) 4 Hours Runtime (ii) 8 Hours Run Time. Special polycarbonate / plastic lens helps focus light with precision. The battery pack has a belt clip and can easily be hooked on to ones belt. The harness is a high quality harness facilitating adjustment to suit ones size. A red ( optional additional chargeable accessory) light can be provided on back side of the harness for safety purposes and acts as a human presence indicator. Its powerful BIS certified lithium ion battery provides long run time. It is also provided with overcharge, deep discharge & short circuit protection. This is the only harness mounted LED light with such high lumens output and with such a long backup time. This product is designed, developed and manufactured by Om Energy Saves in INDIA and bears a 1 year warranty.

Technical Specifications :

  • 24 Watts SMD Power LEDs
  • 2400 Lumens of Illumination
  • IP65 All Weather Enclosure
  • Special Lenses for Better Focus
  • Backup / Run Time : 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs.
  • Modes : High & Low Mode
  • Coverage Area 200 to 300 SQ.FT.
  • 4 / 6 Hrs Charging Time, Depending upon Model
  • Charging Voltage : 180 TO 270 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Light Radiation Angle : Narrow + Wide
  • Battery Type : Lithium ION (BIS Certified)
  • Battery Protections Provided for over Charge, Deep Discharge & Short Circuit
  • Strong MS Powder Coated Brackets
  • Strong IP Lights and IP65 Enclosure
  • Approx. Weight : 2.5KG
  • Harness Size : Adjustable
  • Battery Mounting : Belt clip / Belt Mounted
  • Operating Temperature Range : - 10oC To 55oC
  • Operating Humidity Range : 0 %RH TO 99% RH.
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