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Automatic Weather Station / Digital Rainfall Recorder
Automatic Weather Station / Digital Rainfall Recorder

Model No. : OESAWSADV-111
Min Order Qty. : 1 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Measures Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Wind, Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall
  • IoT Cloud Connectivity
  • 220MM WMO Standard Tipping Bucket*
  • Microcontroller Based Design for accurate measurement
  • Solar for ODU Battery Charging
  • 3 Days Solar Autonomy
  • Optinal Indoor Unit
  • Data is available on pen drive in Excel format
  • Geo mapping possible
  • Designed Developed & Manufactured by OM ENERGY SAVERS, Mumbai.
  • Customized Models available depending upon user requirement
  • 1 Year Warrant
Automatic Weather Station / Digital Rainfall Recorder
Automatic Weather Station / Digital Rainfall Recorder

Brief Description :

Recording rainfall and other temperature parameters is very important for various government organizations and civic authorities. Even the Indian Railways need to record parameters like hourly, last hour, daily, monthly and annual rainfall and log the same into their system. These systems are useful to others too like farmers, airports, educational institutes etc. Automatic weather stations can perform this job however they are very expensive. Some imported weather stations are available in India however they lack accuracy and have problems with spare parts and hence do not last long.

Introducing the Om Energy Savers, low cost automatic weather station / digital rainfall recorder. It can measure and record Temperature in degree Celsius, pressure in HPA, humidity in %RH, wind speed in Kmph, wind direction (8 directions) and rainfall in mm. The data can be recorded on a pen drive as well as sent to the cloud over IoT. Tipping bucket is available in two variants i.e. 220 mm Stainless Steel Tipping Bucket for Professional use as well as a 100 mm plastic tipping bucket for commercial use. The outdoor unit consists of a powerful rechargeable lithium battery and a solar panel that powers the entire system and has a solar autonomy of 3 to 4 days.

The Cloud Data is available on a dedicated dashboard and can be simply accessed from the laptop / computer or mobile phone with an internet connection. The cloud services are chargeable and can retain your data for 1 year or more based on the subscription model. The data update rate is 5 minutes and can be customized. Some other parameters like Air Pollution Monitor, Soil Moisture Content, and Ultra Violet radiations can also be embedded in to the system on demand.

Standard Model Technical Specifications :

Parameters measured Temperature , Pressure, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall.
Temperature Unit ° C , Accuracy : + 0.5 ° C,
Digital Temperature measurement module, Range : - 10°C to + 85°C
Pressure Unit HPA , Accuracy : + 5%, Digital Pressure measurement module,
Range : 700 to 1200 HPA.
Humidity : RH Relative Humidity, Accuracy : + 5%, Range : 0 to 100 %
Wind Speed KMPH, Accuracy : + 5%, Cup type wind anemometer.
Range : 0KMPH to 102KMPH
Wind Direction 8 Directions Accuracy : 100%, Wind vane type.
Directions: E, W, N, S, NE, SE, SW, NW.
Rainfall mm (millimeter) Range : 0mm to 10,000mm
Rainfall Measurement Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG)
Rainfall Parameters Last Hour, Hourly, Daily, Monthly,
Annual, Rain Category, mm/hr rate.
TBRG Resolution 0.2mm per tip in SS TBRG (0.4mm per tip in plastic TBRG)
Data Storage USB Pen Drive (External) in Outdoor unit.
Data Transmission via IoT on Cloud
Indoor Unit Optional for non dependency on cellular / internet.
Display shows all parameters
Power Source Lithium ion battery pack & Solar PV Module
Solar Autonomy 3 to 4 Days.
Mounting Tripod Stand
Warranty 1 Year
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