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Auto Activated Rain Water / Flooding Detection, Measurement & Reporting System
Auto Activated Rain Water / Flooding Detection, Measurement & Reporting System

Model No. : OESOMHAWS444
Min Order Qty. : 50 Nos.

Key Features :

  • First Time in World (Patented System)
  • Acivates / Deactivates automatically
  • Detects, Measures & Reports - Flood / Water Logging Levels
  • Measures Water Logging in Inches
  • Displays Water Logging rise rate / fall rate in inch / hr
  • IoT Protocol sends data remotely to dashboard
  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Geo-Mapping for all systems at respective location
  • Data available in graphical & tabulated format
  • Data can be downloaded & Printed
  • Historic Data available for 1 year
  • Battery life of 50 plus water Logging Days (24Hr X 50 Days)
  • Rainfall information during water logging period
  • Made in India
  • 1 Year Warranty
Auto Activated Rain Water / Flooding Detection, Measurement & Reporting System
Auto Activated Rain Water / Flooding Detection, Measurement & Reporting System

Brief Description :

Most states and cities in India are blessed with good monsoon and hence we receive good rains every year. However with effects of Climate Change and Global Warming on the rise, most of the places have started experiencing excess rainfall in a short period of time and this results in water logging or flooding at many location, especially in the low lying areas. It is very important for the civic authorities or government authorities to know the waterlogging / flooding status in the city or district at regular intervals to ensure safety of civilians. It is also important for the traffic police to know the same for better traffic management in event of heavy rains and water logging. The Railways services are also severely affected due to water logging on railway tracks and they too need to know the water logging status at regular intervals to ensure smooth running of their services.

Presently the authorities are dependent on manual means of observing and reporting the water logging levels. Some places are fitted with a scale on them the reporting is usually done giving references like " Knee Level Water" / " Waist Level Water" / " Chest Level Water". These terminologies are very vague and cannot give an idea of exact water logging levels. Also manual monitoring of multiple locations involves lot of man power for long durations and can result in inconsistent and inaccurate reporting, thereby resulting in wrong decision making.

Till date there was no reliable electronic system that could automatically self activate, measure & report remotely the water levels digitally & accurately during a water logging situation or flooding. Our patented " Flood-o-Meter" system solves this problem ! The system auto activates upon detection of water logging, measures and transmits live water level data in inches, via IoT to the Government Agencies. It even reports the rise rate and fall rate in inches per hour. Additional information like location information, time & date stamp are also visible on a dedicated dashboard. The systems are Geo-Mapped on the dashboard that displays all the systems on a city or district map. The data is visible in tabulated and graphical format and can even be downloaded. When there is no water logging /water logging clears, the system automatically shuts down. Our system does not require an external electric supply and can be installed at almost any location.

The system can provide below advantages to the Government Agencies. :

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