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Portable Rechargeable Flood Lights & Lighting Systems

50 Watt Portable Led Lighting System with 360 Degree Lighting Module, Constant Lumen System with 8 Hrs Backup
Portable Led Lighting System with 360 degree Lighting Module

Min Order Qty. : 2 Nos.

Key Features :

  • Special 50 Watt 360o Lighting Module
  • Glare - Free Lighting
  • 8 Hrs Backup
  • Rechargeable & Portable
  • Powerful Lithium Battery
  • 3 Operating Modules
  • Constant Light Output
  • Remote Control Option*
  • Optional Flood Module for Directional Lighting
Portable Led Lighting System with 360 degree Lighting Module

Brief Description :

This system delivers a glare free illumination in 360o direction with its special 360o lighting module. This system delivers constant output of 5000 lumens ( 50Watts) for 8 hours in 360o in horizontal plane and 180o in the lower vertical plane . It has 3 modes of operation viz Low Mode ( 12.5W) , Medium Mode ( 25W) & High Mode ( 50W). Powerful BIS Certified Lithium batteries provide long backup. Lamp & Battery can be mounted on an extendable tripod that can be adjusted from 3 to 7 feet. System is IP65 and can be used in all weather. This system is a constant lumen system and it maintains the Lumens / light output from start to end with no or very minor variations in the light output. Electric Charger charges the system in about 6 to 8 Hours. Sturdy tripod ensures sustenance in high winds of nearly 40KMPH. A Compatible 50 Watt Flood & a compatible LED Hand Lamp light can also be connected to this system. Ideal for Railways, Police, Disaster Management, Aircraft Maintenance Crew, Defence Services like Navy, Army, Airforce, Tunnel Projects, Operation & Maintenance Crew etc.

Technical Specifications :

  • 50 Watts SMD LED / COB with Special Diffuser
  • IP65 Lamp & Battery Enclosure, All Weather Use
  • Light Emission in 360o in Horizontal Plane
  • Backup : 8 Hrs
  • 3 Operating Modes : Low, Mid, High
  • System Voltage : 24 V DC
  • Input Charging Voltage : 220V AC, 50Hz
  • Charging, Battery Level & Battery Low Indicators
  • Coverage Area 400 to 500 SQ FT.
  • 5 – 7 Hrs Charging Time
  • Authentication Key for On / Off
  • 7 Feet Extendable Tripod Stand
  • Flexible, Retractable Cable
  • Battery Protections provided for over charge, deep discharge & Short circuit
  • Sturdy Carry Case with trolley wheels

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders please email us.

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